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In My Dream Cate Scaglione 2013

In My Dream, Cate Scaglione, 2013


For Immediate Release – November 2015


A Collection of Works by Cate Scaglione | Life As Fine Art Studio November 20, 2015 – January 8, 2016

Opening Reception Friday, November 20, 2015, 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

International Award Winning Photographic Artist Cate Scaglione, Owner of Life As Fine Art Photography will be the first artist to debut at the opening of the Gallery211. Known as one of the top artistic photographers in the industry for her women’s beauty+boudoir and inventive fine art portraits, Ms. Scaglione’s work adorns homes, businesses and galleries throughout New York City, New Jersey and beyond. At the building’s grand opening, Ms. Scaglione will be unveiling her collection, “Dreamworlds & Daydreams,” which features a series of surreal, digitally painted fantasy portraits that transform her everyday human subjects into immersive, extraordinary environments from their wildest imaginations. Empathetic and emotive, the exhibit is a visual storyteller of joy, confusion, loss, pain, and wishmaking.

“Helping people fulfill their dreams, even the seemingly impossible ones, has always been a passion of mine,” says Scaglione, “I believe that art can empower, seduce and heal people. In this collection, I’ve enabled a visual medium that helps them tell their stories and allows them to step outside their existence to make these dreams come true. Sometimes they are wishes, other times it’s longing or an expression of pain or loss. But the Dreamworlds are designed to fuel their own desires — and at the same time another viewer has an opportunity to experience and interpret the dreams of another. It’s a very uncommon experience for people. It’s a beautiful, cyclic connection through imagination; often, someone else’s dream provokes a client to hire me to create their own.”

While much of her art specializes in creating alternate imaginative environments, Ms. Scaglione, a tenant at 211 Broad, cites that she is very much inspired by her current environment: “People need to feel comfortable and safe to be vulnerable, no matter what type of portrait I am shooting,” she says. Scaglione has designed her studio space at 211 Broad it into an eclectic haven that represents helps manifest this transformation. “I’m so happy we can give this church a new life, in a positive and artistic way that affirms people…through art.” With 22-foot soaring ceilings, reclaimed wood and industrial elements, crystal chandeliers, Victorian furniture and an in-studio spa room for clients to enjoy relaxing massages, it truly a place to escape to. Creating a sense of trust, comfort and escape, Scaglione says, are the foundation of all work she does with her clients.

Proceeds from the exhibit will go to Project Dream, a pay-it-forward crowdfunding initiative created by Cate, which allows Cate and her generous clients to donate studio sessions and art pieces to families or individuals in extenuating circumstances. “Art is a powerful thing and has an amazing ability to help people heal, immortalize, or commemorate their lives. Project Dream allows me to give the them this gift, through contributions by my studio and my clients.” Cate’s past Project Dream clients have included Breast Cancer patients, Domestic Abuse survivors, Families dealing with terminal illnesses, Downs Syndrome and autistic children, and families of fallen military veterans.

Formerly an advertising creative director for luxury brands and Fortune 500 Companies, Cate Scaglione’s entrepreneurial journey began in 2007 and has grown to work with both private and commercial entities. Her work has appeared at the AJ Dillon Gallery of Fine Art (Atlantic Highlands, NJ), and in a variety of public media, including Bravo Network, VH-1 Network, NBC Dateline, the Huffington Post, Professional Photographer Magazine, and several print and trade publications. She lives in Middletown, New Jersey. Visit Cate’s work at

Two Eleven Broad, located on the main office corridor in charming Red Bank, NJ is an innovative adaptive reuse of a 62 year-old First Church of Christ Scientist sanctuary. The property was converted into a LEED certified professional office building and provides space for a community art gallery.

Gallery211 is open Monday through Friday, 7:00 am – 7:00 pm. For all other information contact Cate Scaglione at Life is Fine Art, 732.676.3700,, or visit

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