About Us

Not What It Is… tells it like it is… through a paradoxical circularity that revolves around a center and works outwards to explore and challenge the boundaries of what we call the art world. It refuses opposing positions of what can be described and what cannot, tending instead towards their dynamic relationship. Our contributors intimately engage with the work away from a perspective that makes claims to know. In their telling, definitions are illusive and we are still left with a sense of wonder. Art, like life rejects understanding while at the same time demanding it. We play in the Garden State, but that play is serious, and our care and concern extends well beyond its borders to reach out to the world we are immersed in.


Contrarian in Chief: Stephen Douglass

Logistical Seer: Christine Romanell

Rabbit Hole Engineer: Eric Valosin

Contributors: Jeanne Brasile, Dr. Ginny Butera, Daniel Morowitz,  Paul Pinkman, Ashli Sisk, Vazquez

Brain Storm Session

Eric Valosin, Christine Romanell, Stephen Douglass


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