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hoeber-Flight top viewhoeber-flight detail

Maru Hoeber, Flight, 2014

Hamilton, NJ  — Grounds For Sculpture (GFS) will open its Fall/Winter Exhibition Season on October 25, 2015 with two powerful exhibitions in partnership with the International Sculpture Center (ISC). Disruption presents 18 works from innovative artists, each of whom is a member in one of three national ISC chapters. In partnership with the ISC, the 21st Annual Outstanding Student Achievement Awards in Contemporary Sculpture juried exhibition features the winning works by students from national and international university art programs. Together, these two exhibitions reflect contemporary work from an international body of artists of varying experience, age, and background, providing insight into present and future.

9 x 6 Crop

Kurt Dyrhuang, Tonka Buster, 2013.

In the Museum Building: Climatic events, social upheaval, technology breaches or even self-imposed decisions, good or bad, all work together to create Disruption in our daily lives. Disruption is a collaborative exhibition between Grounds For Sculpture and the three national chapters of the International Sculpture Center: the Chicago Sculpture International, the Texas Sculpture Group, and the Pacific Rim Sculpture Group. The exhibition features 18 works by contemporary artists, each of whom belongs to one of these three chapters. The selected works represent an interpretation of disruption relative to our world and the forces that impact daily life and features artists who reflect the challenges of contemporary society through the lens of their individual experiences. This exhibition was curated by Tom Moran, GFS Chief Curator and Artistic Director, with additional assistance from curators Geoffrey Bates (Texas Sculpture Group) and Nicole Beck (Chicago Sculpture International) who pre-selected works from their respective chapters from which the final selections were made.

fuller-in my backyard

Victoria Fuller, In my backyard, 2014

In the Domestic Arts Building, GFS presents the 21st Annual Outstanding Student Achievement Awards in Contemporary Sculpture exhibition, which offers a glimpse into the future of contemporary sculpture as some of the most talented sculpture students, selected from hundreds of domestic and international art programs, exhibit their award-winning work in this ISC collaborative exhibition. The works in this exhibition approach a broad range of topical issues, creating a unique artistic language to express the artists’ ideas on cultural identity, gender, memory, desire, loss, and the phenomena of nature. As viewers, we are offered both a glimpse into the emerging artistic talents forging out of the academic environment as well as a window into the social issues that this younger generation of artists seeks to define. Jurors for the competition were Chakaia Booker, prominent artist and ISC board member, Maki Hajikano, Associate Professor of Fine Arts at York College, The City University of New York, and Kelly Kivland, Assistant Curator at Dia Art Foundation.

In the East Gallery, Jae Ko: Selections, featuring Force of Nature, Shiro is on extended view through May 1, 2016. Washington, DC-based sculptor Jae Ko has transformed the East Gallery with her monumental paper relief. Spanning more than 80 linear feet, Ko transformed the sculptural into the architectural by rolling and layering hundreds of stacks of recycled white Kraft paper along the gallery walls, creating the largest and most ambitious piece of her career to date. A documentary video offering a glimpse into the installation process accompanies the exhibition. This exhibition has been made possible in part by awards from the National Endowment for the Arts and Bank of America.

 In the West Gallery, on view through January 17, 2016, is Robert Lobe: In the Forest Drawn of Metal featuring Forest Projects, Collaborative Works with Kathleen Gilje. New Jersey/New York-based artist Robert Lobe works primarily in the rural woodlands of Sussex County, NJ. Lobe’s richly textured aluminum reliefs are made by hammering sheets of aluminum over natural forms in a technique adopted from the tradition of repoussé, which in French means “to push up.” In Lobe’s work however, rather than working from the inside out, he works from the outer surface, capturing the essence of rocks and trees he memorializes with pneumatic hammers and hand-made tools. The exhibition also features a selection of masterful collaborative works that incorporate the noted paintings of New York-based painter Kathleen Gilje. A documentary video offers insight into the creation of these multifaceted works.


Grounds For Sculpture (GFS), located in Hamilton, New Jersey (midway between Philadelphia and New York), is a forty-two acre not-for-profit sculpture park and arboretum founded by Seward Johnson. Its collection features more than 270 contemporary sculptures by renowned and emerging artists. Exhibitions change seasonally in six indoor galleries. With rich educational offerings, a robust schedule of performing arts, and fun family events, the park is open year-round. Shopping and dining options complement every visit. For hours, admission prices, and a calendar of events, visit

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