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Contributors Wanted!

The Not What It Is team is hard at work, brainstorming!

Brain StormAlt  IMG_5733IMG_5734

As an artist or an art lover, more than likely you read other art blogs such as Hyperallergic and the Brooklyn Rail etc. Unfortunately, it’s rare to see any New Jersey venues or artists covered in these type of publications. There is a significant art community in New Jersey that is not getting it’s due. Reviews and critical support is key to the success of artists, galleries and venues. aims to report and review as much art as possible on our side of the river. We need great contributors to produce insightful content on a regular basis. If you have any suggestions or want to contribute, please get in touch. Contact us here.

If you are a New Jersey gallery, venue or artist with an opening or event please send us the info/press release. wants to support visual art and rise NJ talent out of the shadows and into the light. Contact us here.

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