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Index Art Center: Surroundings/EXT+SOA


Index Art Center presents two exhibitions on Saturday, September 12, 7 to 10pm

Index Main Space: Surroundings
A group exhibition of artists whose work stimulates a heightened awareness of ones surroundings. Whether overtly obvious or eerily surreptitious, this work uses objects and circumstances to alter something in the viewer’s proximity. Curated by Seth Goodwin, the show includes artists who work with elements of physical space, sound, surveillance, and the manipulation of nature.
Artists: Ted Victoria, Sophia Sobers, Dana Hemes, Leonor Marion-Landais, Ryan Edward Henion, William Oliwa.

Index side gallery: EXT+SOA
EXT+SOA is an experimental design studio. “Untitled Installation” is a collaborative installation that manifests spatial manipulations from a formal background of architectural education. The piece was conceived over the course of four days in a collaboration between design critics from Oculus Art Collaborative, a non-profit organization that seeks to foster DIY collective creativity, and students from New Jersey Institute of Technology’s School of Architecture, titled ext+soa (extension/school of architecture) . By extending process from the classroom: bringing the design process out of the architecture studio and applying the same technique to a reachable, pragmatic end result, the installation explores the intersections between architecture, installation, and materiality in an experimental manner using sourced material. Artists: Samantha Cohen, Alex Scott Cumming, Jacob Mandel, Heidi Lorenz-Wettach Hussa, Nicholas Dingman, John-Paul Christopher Madden, Raychel Russillo, Michael Gwiazdowski, Michael Centeno, Eduardo Rodriguez, Mirian Zevallos, Gabriela Sartorio

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