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Forum in Form


By Esmeralda Vazquez


“deconstructed Bundle II” — Adrienne Wheeler



“Niggerfication: Featuring the Features” — Dominique Duroseau

“Kahinde II” — Bisa Washington


“Queen Latifah’s Ritual Warrior Wear” — Noelle Lorraine Williams


“Landmine Engaged and Disarmed: Art Against Apartheid” — Bisa Washington

The quiet stillness emanates from a captive audience as these pieces are observed. It is in thought that we look on and question the existence of such beings and their messages.  Each piece is a standalone work but compliments it’s neighbor in the shared space. There is an organic flow throughout the gallery as you pass from one piece to the next. From one being to another, you are taken to another world as these pieces speak to you of their past–reliquary-like in their stoicism. Questions arise, more than are answered as the dark eye cavities from Dominique Durosea’s figures look inside your mind. You break your gaze to move onto another equally enthralling stare, engrossing full attention. For a pause, you are blended with black paint, feel the weight of steel bowing spine, supporting the burden of trespassing stereotypes. Which is complimented by Noelle Lorraine William’s commentary on reinvention and self-transformation to emerge from implied characterization.

Statements on the wall from Adrienne Wheeler, dab glass and give the illusion of dripping with the use of translucent fabric, reminiscent of jellyfish fresh out of water; tensioned tentacles and removed from their environment. A display of specimens, a non-didactic spectacle. Golden tones accent the rich textures placed on a smooth glass surface, contrasting the organism from its containment.

These are just a few thoughts on a show that as a whole, from Bisa Wasington’s wall sculpture that embodies a biomorphic mass of  encapsulated fury, to Amanda Thackray’s suspended woven paper sculptures, this show functions as an organism to be observed in person.  Presence is required to take in the atmosphere of infinite curiosity.  There is still time to enjoy this show located at Index Art Center.  It was part of a whole for Open Doors, an annual event orchestrated by the Newark Arts Council.

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